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Currently recruiting quality Roleplayers of all races, classes, and levels.

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The Eastern Kingdoms are overrun by the twin pestilence of the Scourge and the Alliance. In Lordaeron, the Forsaken and the Sin’dorei keep both adversaries tenuously in check. It is here that unexpected bonds of friendship are forged in the space between battles. One Sin'dorei decided to dedicate himself to others to ensure their safety in the midst of conflict, and to create a refuge of acceptance and assistance—and a shelter from the greater, unspeakable threat to come.

You have found that refuge...

Welcome to the Dreadblade Assassins
A Horde guild on the Silver Hand server


Each of you have become a part of this guild because you've been found worthy. So kick up your heels my fellow miscreants, rebels, and rogues and make yourselves at home.

-Lord Faileas Stormguard

To learn more about this guild, please refer to the "About Us" section in the forums:
Other Guild News

Guild Contest - Site Write!

Failaes, Sep 27, 13 1:07 PM.
What is a Site Write?

A Site Write is generally a short story you write about a given topic/event/place/person/word/ect. You are simply asked to write whatever comes to mind and heart. There are no limits to how long one's story can be, but keep in mind we are not writing novels here.

The goal of a Site Write.

The purpose is to stimulate your creative side by having you write about reactions, events and the likes we normally would not see in the character. Think of this writing topic as a way to break between your storylines and give personal depth where you may have not had the chance to.

Site Write Challenge.

If you find yourself enjoying being part of this writing exercise and want to gain a chance at a cool prize, I challenge you to the 30 day Site Write Challenge. Rules are simple, just post every day for a month and you will be rewarded greatly at the end of it. What exactly is the reward? Heck if I know, but trust me it will be expensive and unique. (Throwing around the idea of a mount or rare items, we will see.)

Suppose you decide to join the Challenge two weeks after its start, I bet you are asking if you can still reap the benefits. Yes and no. You will be able to make up any missed challenge within 7 days of the challenge. You have to complete all 30 challenges to obtain a reward of any sort.

Pretty simple and clear. Post for 30 days and get something nice.

*Special Notes*

Depending on the challenge topic of the day, everyone will see a link either about, defining or examples. You do not have to read the same meaning/definition that is given, we advise only you stay on topic and that it relates to what was given.

This event will start in October and all topics will be announced HERE.

I think this will be a great way to get the guild writing and to stimulate RP. Stories do not have to follow just one character, if you have multiple characters, you can choose a different character per story if you want (though choosing just one character for the entire challenge may help you develop that character more).

The first site write topics have been announced and will continue to be announced a few at a time (to give those people with children and other priorities, time to complete them).

October 1st - Topic #1 - Purpose -
What's worth fighting for to your character? What drives and motivates them?

October 2nd - Topic #2 - Friendship -
Tell a story about your character and a friendship they have.

October 3rd - Topic #3 - Pet Peeves -
Everyone has them. What are the little things which make your character tick? Describe their pet peeves!

October 4th - Topic #4  - Sleepless -
Something has caused your character to become sleepless. A bout of insomnia perhaps or maybe they are working through the night on something? This can be anything related to the topic word. Have fun and describe why!

October 5th - Topic #5 - Fear -
Tell a story where your character encounters one of their fears.

October 6th - Topic #6 - Pact -
A man in the tavern screeches about the deals people make with demons to grant them 'powers' or something special. Perhaps he turns to your character and accuses them of making such a pact. While it is easy to dismiss the old fool, your character wonders about something. If given the chance to make an exchange with a demon, what would they ask for and what would they give up to have it?

October 7th - Topic #7 - Heirloom -
This one is up to your interpretation entirely. Perhaps your character has some sort of family heirloom, just found out one exists, or is helping someone else find one, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to use the heirloom in the story!

October 8th - Topic #8 - Surprise -
Tell a story where your character is caught by surprise or perhaps surprises someone else, etc. Again, up to your interpretation of the word. Be creative!

October 9th - Topic #9 - Prank -
Your character pulls a prank on someone or is the victim of a prank. How do they react/what do they do?

October 10th - Topic #10 - Secrets -
We all carry them. What is one of your character's secrets?

October 11th - Topic #11 - Race Change / Gender Change -
Perhaps your character has tripped into a Gnomish/Goblin device, been a victim of a spell gone awry, used a strange trinket, or drank an unknown potion which changes your character's race,  or possibly their gender! What happened to your character? How do they look and what did they do while under the transformation for a few hours?

October 12th - Topic #12 - Disguised -
Your character is forced to wear a disguise, whether it be to gather information or required for a costume ball, etc. It is entirely up to you!

October 13th - Topic #13 - Power -
Today's topic is about having the option to have an immensely powerful ability/item, and whether or not they would use it. Azeroth is full of powers far and wide. Tell us about a time your character came across some said power and if they succumbed to the temptation to use it.

October 14th - Topic #14 - Cross-Faction -
How does your character see the other faction? Allies, enemies? Lovers, haters? Write a story about how your character would interact with someone from the opposing faction. How does your character respond to them? What would happen?

October 15th - Topic #15 - Regret -
We all have them. What is one of your character's regrets?

October 16th - Topic #16 - Obsession / Compulsion -
Write about an obsession or compulsion that your character has or had.

October 17th - Topic #17 - Captured -
Your character is captured and taken away. Where do they end up? Who caught them and most importantly, how are they saved/how do they get out?

October 18th - Topic #18 - Childhood -
Whether it be a dream or perhaps someone slips a potion into your drink at the tavern without you knowing. Either way, you are transported to the memory of where your character grew up. What is it like? What does your character see? Do they catch a glimpse of themselves in a childhood memory? After your experience, you open your eyes and realize you are back in the same place as you grew up in. What changed? How does your character feel? 

October 19th - Topic #19 - Unanticipated Results -
Perhaps it was something you were crafting or an experiment that didn't turn out quite the way you intended, etc. This can be anything relating to this topic. Be creative!

October 20th - Topic #20 - Deception -
Write a story based around a time when your character was deceived for any reason at all or perhaps was the one deceiving someone else.

October 21st - Topic #21 - Temptaion -
Describe a time where your character was tempted by something or perhaps someone. Do they give in or overcome this temptation?

October 22nd - Topic #22 - Love -
Write about a time your character found love, be it in a person, place, ect. Write about something or someone they love.

October 23rd - Topic #23 - Loss / Letting Go -
Write about a time your character lost someone or something or had to let something go.

October 24th - Topic #24 - Embarrassed -
Write about a time when your character was embarrassed by a situation, etc. What happened?

October 25th - Topic #25 - Alternate Universe -
Your character has a dream where the world as they know it is different as are they. Perhaps Arthas never became the Lich King and instead Jaina did. Perhaps Lordaeron never fell. Perhaps the Horde and Alliance are not at war. There are endless possibilities for this alternate dream world. Who are you in this world and how is it different from the current one? Describe and explain!

October 26th - Topic #26 - Re-do -
Somehow by magic, your character is given one shot to redo and/or take back something that happened in their lives. What would they take back? Would your character take the offer or would they decide against playing with fate?

October 27th - Topic #27 - Enemy / Rival -
We all have them. Who is your character's enemy or rival. Is it a specific person or perhaps just opposing faction? Write about an encounter they had with an enemy/rival.

October 28th - Topic #28 - Switching Places (with a guildmate) -
Somehow by magic, your character has switched bodies with one of his/her guildmates. What would you do while in this person's body?

October 29th - Topic #29 - What If -
Reflect back to a prior roleplay or story your character was engaged in. When you see the outcome, ask yourself 'how could this have turned out differently'. Write about a past event in which things could have gone in a different direction and what the outcome then could have been. How would your character have turned out? What would be different in their life?

October 30th - Topic #30 - Fatal Flaw -
What is that one thing that would cause your character to snap? Write a story where your character has to deal with an event that brings their fatal flaw into play. What would they do?

October 31st - Topic #31 - Death -
Describe the ideal death for your character or perhaps how does your character thinks they are going to meet their end.


Entries can be posted HERE in the forums (just click 'reply to') or emailed to Faileas to post for you at:

Good luck and have fun!


Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider - Complete!

Failaes, Sep 27, 13 12:41 PM.
A special thanks goes out to our Raid Leader Thamnor and everyone who participated in helping the guild attain the Reins of the Dark Phoenix mount! /cheers


Shroud of the Celestials

Failaes, Sep 27, 13 12:22 PM.
Congratulations go out to our fellow guildmates Nythaniel and Thamnor for atttaining their Legendary Cloaks: Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen. Only 5 more cloak types to go for the Guild achievement!


Master of the Verdant Flame

Failaes, Jun 26, 13 11:50 PM.
Congratulations to our very own, Chrystopher Darkwalker, for being the first guild warlock to complete his green fire questline!

That Dragon Ain't So Tough

Failaes, Apr 18, 12 10:38 PM.

"That dragon has a glass jaw!"  Our own devious rogue, Thamnor,  proclaimed as he held aloft his newly claimed daggers.

Congrats, Thamnor on achieving FANGS OF THE FATHER for the guild!
May your new blades slay many a foe!
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